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The Weekly Briefing:
How will the bank turmoil come back to bite?

A Capital Economics podcast
31st March, 2023

It may be too soon to say that the banking turmoil is definitively over, but it’s not too early to try to understand why events of the past few weeks are going to leave a painful legacy for the US economy.

Chief US Economist Paul Ashworth talks to David Wilder about the coming credit crunch, what this means for the Fed's next moves, and why sentiment can shift like a dam bursting. Also this week:

  • Leah Fahy discusses her recent work for Global Economics service looking at countries whose populations are ageing rapidly, and how this has shaped their labour forces. (9:41)
  • An exclusive extract from a client briefing on the bank turmoil given by our Asia team discusses Indian NPLs, China as a safe haven, and what’s lurking in Japanese overseas lending. (17:04)

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