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Global economy

Financial Conditions

An interactive guide to the ease of credit access across major developed economies

This dashboard gives a holistic overview of financial conditions across major developed economies. It presents our proprietary financial conditions indices (FCIs) as well as a selection of input variables used in our FCIs. Our FCIs indicate the ease with which finance is accessed, and hence how supportive financial conditions are for economic activity.

This dashboard is fully interactive, updated a couple of times a month and if you're a CE Advance customer you can access the underlying data. If you can't see the full interactive experience and would like to enquire about upgrading, contact 


How to Use this Dashboard

  1. Navigate to a different page in the dashboard by clicking on the page name in the grey navigation bar at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Several of the dashboard pages have dropdown boxes on the left hand side that allow you to select different geographies or indicators and change the data that are displayed in the chart.
  3. CE Advance clients can download the data from each chart by hovering over the chart, clicking the three dots that appear in the top right corner of the chart for "more options" and then clicking "export data".

Access the Interactive Dashboard

Existing clients can login here:

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