CE Interactive

Our data, your way.

CE Interactive is a new data platform from Capital Economics which brings our research and analysis to life


This powerful platform is a companion to our research services, providing a wealth of data and time series, plus comprehensive forecasts from Capital Economics. Intuitive and flexible charting tools combine with specially-created dashboards of interactive tables and charts to give you unique analytical insight into the global economy and markets.
It’s our data, your way.

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What is CE Interactive?

CE Interactive is an immersive data visualisation engine for Capital Economics subscribers:


Our economists have created special dashboards to help deepen your understanding of the global economy and markets. These thematic dashboards provide unique insight for Capital Economics clients – whether you want to do at-a-glance trend-spotting or deeper dive analysis into economic and market developments.


Our economists understand the importance of functionality, which is why CE Interactive provides a host of options for seamless integration into your workflows. These include the ability to download data straight into Excel spreadsheets, to export your customized charts directly into Powerpoint presentations or to download data with an Excel plug-in.


A comprehensive database of more than 8,000 historical time series combined with Capital Economics economy and markets forecasts. Our unique datasets cover the global economy and financial and commodities markets, as well as the commercial and residential property sectors.


Powerful but easy-to-use tools let you create the dynamic charts you need for presentation or analysis. Build one-off charts or create a dashboard of favourites. Choose from a comprehensive range of areas, indicators and time horizons, and pick from a host of chart styles.

Why do I need CE Interactive?

CE Interactive brings the breadth and depth of our award-winning research offering to a new level. Its immersive but intuitive range of data and charting options allow for an extensive range of use cases:

A Temperature Check

Our curated dashboards provide at-a-glance insights into economies and markets – while our comprehensive range of updated forecasts let you know what to expect in the months, quarters, years, and even decades ahead.

A Deep Dive

Closely track economic developments using our pre-built datasets and dynamic charts – or customise your own – by comparing indicators across countries, regions or economic groupings. Make use of the comprehensive range of updated forecasts from Capital Economics to prepare for shifts in economies and markets.

Strengthen your Calls

Automated updates mean you can rely on CE Interactive for datasets and dynamic charts to support your investment ideas or to enhance your presentation materials. A host of integration options means our data and forecasts can be plugged directly into your workflow so you don’t have to worry about updating.

Available only as an addition to your existing Capital Economics subscription.