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Graduate Staff Profiles

  • Andrew Wishart

    Andrew Wishart

    Senior Property Economist

  • Bachelor’s degree,  University and course: University of Surrey Economics BSc
  • Master’s degree, University and course: LSE Economic History
  • Capital Economics Graduate Scheme, applicable dates: September 2015 – September 2017

Why did you apply to join the Capital Economics graduate scheme?

I knew I wanted to be a macroeconomist following my placement year at HM Treasury, and Capital Economics allows you to specialise exclusively in that field. You would expect to spend some time on microeconomics and evaluating policies on other rotational graduate schemes.

What have you worked on while on the graduate scheme?

Emerging Asia, Europe, Property, and the UK.

What is the most rewarding or surprising aspect of your role at Capital Economics?

The most rewarding aspect of the job is helping to form the economic narrative as various shocks hit the economy. Over the five years I have covered the UK economy and housing market, first we had Brexit, then the pandemic, and now the biggest surge in inflation since the 1980s.