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Commodities > Commodities Update — One more leg down in copper prices still to comeCommodities > Commodities Data Response — Chinese commodity imports prove resilient, for nowCommodities > Commodities Update — How vulnerable are gold prices to rising real yields?Commodities > Commodities Update — Aluminium prices will still struggle this yearCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — China fears weigh on industrial metal pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — Solid fundamentals will support palladium pricesCommodities > Commodities Data Response — No sign of China headwinds easingCommodities > Commodities Update — Surge in supply will weigh on iron ore pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — It's time to differentiate more between metalsGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — Winners and losers from safe-haven demand
Commodities > Commodities Update — Copper and iron ore prices to fall furtherCommodities > Commodities Update — What might China's "war on pollution" mean for metals prices?Commodities > Commodities Chart Book — Unseasonal weather lifts pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — How are Chinese financing deals affecting the copper market?Commodities > Commodities Focus — Gold's last hurrah?Commodities > Commodities Update — Falling aluminium premiums should support pricesEmerging Asia Economics > Emerging Asia Economics Update — Rupee stability key to relaxation of India’s gold import curbsCommodities > Commodities Focus — Deteriorating supply prospects to support PGM pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — Commodities look to stronger GDP growth for comfortCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — A shaky start to 2014
Commodities > Commodities Update — Little to galvanise the steel price in 2014Commodities > Commodities Analyst — Risks (mostly) still on the downsideCommodities > Commodities Update — Indonesia's export ban offers temporary support to nickel pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — Apparent market tightening supporting copper prices for nowCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — Investors glad to put 2013 behind themGlobal Markets > Emerging Markets Valuation Monitor — Turkish lira comes under fireCommodities > Commodities Update — Will gold come back into favour in 2014?Commodities > Commodities Chart Book — Supply and Fed fears dominateCommodities > Commodities Update — What could China's Third Plenum mean for steel?Commodities > Commodities Update — Gold demand statistics not all bad news
Commodities > Commodities Analyst — Risks still on downside but prices looking more reasonableGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — Will the Fed taper be a game-changer?Commodities > Commodities Update — Gold should continue to outshine industrial metalsCommodities > Commodities Update — Rising supply to continue to undermine copper pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — Why isn't the gold price higher?Commodities > Commodities Update — Industrial metals prices to remain weakCommodities > Commodities Update — Improvement in China not enough to boost metal pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — Can seasonal demand alone rescue the price of gold?Global Markets > Global Markets Update — What next for euro-zone equities?Commodities > Commodities Update — Are iron ore prices set to tumble?
Commodities > Commodities Chart Book — Supply takes centre stageGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — A more cautious view on goldCommodities > Commodities Focus — What next for gold?Commodities > Commodities Update — Aluminium prices range-bound by supplyCommodities > Commodities Update — Rising mine output to keep copper price weakLatin America Economics > Latin America Update — What do lower copper prices mean for Chile?Africa Economics > Africa Economics Update — How would a slump in gold prices affect South Africa?Commodities > Commodities Update — Gold becomes a traders’ marketCommodities > Commodities Update — Platinum prices to rise even without OPEC-style cartelCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — Corn leads commodities lower as demand disappoints
Commodities > Commodities Update — Is this the end of the golden age?Global Markets > Global Markets Update — Has "Dr. Copper" lost his touch?Commodities > Commodities Update — Too soon to call time on the bull market in goldCommodities > Commodities Focus — "A year of two halves"Commodities > Commodities Update — Gold set to regain premium to platinum later this yearCommodities > Commodities Update — Alumina: the Capital Economics viewCommodities > Commodities Update — Is there any more upside for gold?Commodities > Commodities Update — Rhodium: the Capital Economics viewCommodities > Commodities Update — Molybdenum: the Capital Economics viewCommodities > Commodities Update — What’s happening to China’s unreported copper stocks?
This article appears in multiple services — How will Basel III affect the demand for gold?Commodities > Commodities Focus — Platinum floor prices higher but downside risks still dominateCommodities > Commodities Update — Does the price of gold follow a seasonal pattern?Commodities > Commodities Analyst — Downside risks to dominateCommodities > Commodities Update — Gold rally needs a new catalyst as QE boost fadesEmerging Europe Economics > Emerging Europe Watch — Turkey’s gold boost set to lose its shineCommodities > Commodities Update — Why is global aluminium output still rising?Commodities > Commodities Update — Slump in iron ore prices suggests copper prices far too highCommodities > Commodities Update — Will the rebound in the platinum price be sustained?Commodities > Commodities Update — Will weak emerging market demand prevent a gold rally?
Commodities > Commodities Update — Is the copper market in surplus?Commodities > Commodities Update — Prospects for global demand continue to dimCommodities > Commodities Update — Iron ore and steel prices yet to find a floorCommodities > Commodities Data Response — Pick-up in China’s PMI not enough for a commodities rallyCommodities > Commodities Update — Platinum prices to fall further before 2013 recoveryChina Economics > China Chart Book — Labour market health belies talk of hard landingCommodities > Commodities Update — Prices vulnerable again to QE3 disappointmentCommodities > Commodities Update — Aluminium prices have further to fallCommodities > Commodities Analyst — Hopes of second half rebound have weak foundationsCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — End-June rally on shaky ground
Commodities > Commodities Update — More price falls to come, led by oilCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — May's meltdownCommodities > Commodities Update — Can the US monetary data explain the price of gold?This article appears in multiple services — Where is the safe haven demand for gold?Commodities > Commodities Update — Why is iron ore outperforming steel?This article appears in multiple services — Three illustrative scenarios for the price of goldCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — Searching for directionCommodities > Commodities Focus — The impending collapse of copper pricesGlobal Markets > Capital Markets Analyst — Search for safe havens set to resumeCommodities > Commodities Update — Risks to China’s commodity demand still skewed downwards
Middle East & North Africa Economics > Middle East Economic Updates — Markets Monitor (Apr.)Commodities > Commodities Chart Book — Oil prices peaking?Emerging Europe Economics > Emerging Europe Economics Update — Ukraine: downside risk to steel prices adds to headwindsCommodities > Commodities Update — Global outlook still points to lower commodity pricesCommodities > Commodities Focus — Is the long bull market in gold finally over?Middle East & North Africa Economics > Middle East Economic Updates — Middle East Markets Monitor (Mar.)Commodities > Commodities Update — Copper prices to drop as China’s demand falls shortUK Markets > UK Markets Chart Book — Markets reassess QE outlookThis article appears in multiple services — Focus on oil prices neglects wider commodity pictureCommodities > Commodities Update — Will oil continue to outperform?
Commodities > Commodities Chart Book — Iran premium in oil prices climbs towards $10Global Markets > Developed Markets Chart Book — Weaker yen boosts Japan’s stock marketThis article appears in multiple services — Super low gilt yields here to stayCommodities > Commodities Update — A tale of two exchangesCommodities > Commodities Data Response — Improvements in PMIs mask underlying fragilityCommodities > Commodities Update — Aluminium prices to hold up better than copperCommodities > Commodities Analyst — Prices to drop sharply on euro break-up fearsCommodities > Commodities Update — Silver: a star performer but will this last?Global Markets > Developed Markets Chart Book — Can the good times continue to roll?Commodities > Commodities Update — A cautionary note on copper
Commodities > Commodities Chart Book — New Year rally built on shaky foundationsGlobal Markets > Capital Markets Analyst — Market implications of an EMU break-upUK Markets > UK Markets Chart Book — Growth fears drive gilt yields lowerCommodities > Commodities Update — Gold price to surge on euro break-up fearsCommodities > Commodities Data Response — Chinese copper imports hit record high in DecemberCommodities > Commodities Update — Regional steel prices confirm signs of diverging demandGlobal Markets > Developed Markets Chart Book — US stock market resilience unlikely to lastCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — More rollercoaster than super-cycleThis article appears in multiple services — Two painful lessons for commodity investors from 2011Commodities > Commodities Update — Are falling copper stocks a reason to be bullish?
Commodities > Commodities Data Response — Weak PMIs highlight downside risks to metals pricesUK Markets > UK Markets Chart Book — Gilt yields fall further despite growing fiscal fearsCommodities > Commodities Update — Platinum’s low to be determined by rand and euro-zoneGlobal Markets > Developed Markets Chart Book — A chink of light at the end of a torrid monthCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — Markets clutching at strawsCommodities > Commodities Update — Too soon to call the end of the bull market in goldCommodities > Commodities Update — What's behind the rebound in China's copper imports?Commodities > Commodities Update — Can China's demand offset the impact of the euro crisis?Commodities > Commodities Update — Is there any upside from the euro-zone crisis?Commodities > Commodities Update — Can tin producers wait long enough for higher prices?
Commodities > Commodities Update — Is gold a currency?UK Markets > UK Markets Chart Book — UK recession risks weigh on marketsCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — Fragile recovery already falteringGlobal Markets > Capital Markets Analyst — Too little, too lateCommodities > Commodities Update — Copper bottomed?Commodities > Commodities Update — Are commodities still a distinct asset class?Commodities > Commodities Analyst — Poor demand prospects mean prices have further to fallCommodities > Commodities Update — How big a risk is a Chinese property crash?Commodities > Commodities Update — Global demand woes to send base metals even lowerGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — Gold’s remaining pillars still strong
Commodities > Commodities Update — Gold still deserves “safe haven” statusCommodities > Commodities Update — Industrial metal prices tumble and are set to fall furtherCommodities > Commodities Update — Euro-zone crisis leaves more upside for goldUK Housing > UK Housing Market Update — How significant is the collapse in house prices in terms of gold?Commodities > Commodities Chart Book — Defying gravityCommodities > Commodities Update — Gold has further to rise despite likely Venezuelan salesCommodities > Commodities Update — Gold price set to exceed platinum by record amountCommodities > Commodities Update — Is gold’s sudden drop yesterday a sign of things to come?Global Markets > Developed Markets Chart Book — US Treasury yields plummet despite debt spatCommodities > Commodities Update — Interpreting China’s steel output