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Spotlight 2024: US outperformance and the future of global macro and markets leadership

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Will the US continue to dominate the global economy in the coming years? Will China or Europe ever catch up? Is the US where investors will continue to see stronger stock market returns? 
The question of US outperformance runs to the heart of the global economic outlook and is the subject of our Spotlight project for 2024. Spotlight is our annual step back from the ebb and flow of macro to dive into those tectonic issues that will shape the global economy and markets and Global Chief Economist Jennifer McKeown and Hubert de Barochez, a senior economist on our Markets team, are on The Weekly Briefing from Capital Economics to discuss some of the key takeaways from this work.
In their discussion with David Wilder, they talk about the drivers of outperformance, the potential challenges to US dominance, and what happens to relative returns when the US stock market bubble bursts. 
Find more about the Spotlight project on our hub page.  
Spotlight 2024

Spotlight: The future of global macro and markets leadership

Will the US be overtaken?

June 2024

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