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The Fracturing of the Global Economy

How the return of geopolitics will reshape economies and markets

The global economy is fracturing into China- and US-aligned blocs, reshaping interactions between and within economies and markets as geopolitics holds greater sway over policy than it has in a generation. This page hosts our work on fracturing, including how we map the two blocs, and our in-depth report on the implications for economies and asset markets. A link to a full listing of our analysis of fracturing can be found at the bottom of this page.  

Mapping Decoupling

Fracturing Database

How are countries aligned in a fractured world? 'Mapping Decoupling' is our 2021 report containing the data and methodology behind our analysis. 

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Key Recent Coverage of Global Fracturing

Key recent analysis from across our coverage about global fracturing. All reports on fracturing can be found below.

Latest Coverage of Global Fracturing

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China stands to lose more than the West in a fragmenting world

Commentary by Group Chief Economist Neil Shearing in The Times 

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