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Economic cycle

The Weekly Briefing: 
Why is this economic cycle so weird?

A Capital Economics podcast
9th June, 2023

These are not normal economic times and that makes the job of policymakers – and economists – that much harder. Group Chief Economist Neil Shearing talks to David Wilder about why this cycle is unlike any other, but also why it's likely to end in recession. 

Plus, the headline were all about LIV Golf, the PGA Tour and Karim Benzema, but the other big Saudi Arabia story this week was the oil production cut that barely raised a peep in the market. Bill Weatherburn talks about the price outlook and the OPEC+ dynamics that are driving decision-making, while James Swanston explains why he's just slashed his Saudi growth forecast, the chances of more high profile spending in sports and what Antony Blinken's trip to Riyadh signifies.

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