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The Weekly Briefing:
What are our clients asking us about?

A Capital Economics podcast
16th June, 2023

China data for May fell short of expectations and Capital Economics clients want to know what the government’s going to do about it. Our China Drop-In was one of two online briefings we held for them last week, along with our post-Fed, post-ECB, pre-Bank of England briefing. In this special episode, Group Chief Economist Neil Shearing tackles some of the most commonly-asked questions during those sessions, including: 

  • What will Chinese stimulus look like?
  • Why is the German economy in such a dire state?
  • Could the Bank of England signal a pause after a June rate hike?

Plus, have Turkey and Nigeria come in from the cold? Post-election signals in both countries indicate their presidents are willing to break with the market-unfriendly policies that they’ve previously supported – but is this the real deal? Jason Tuvey and Liam Peach from our EM team talk about the lira and naira’s recent sharp devaluations, the path back to “normal” policy-settings, and whether Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Bola Tinubu are likely to stay the course.

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