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Drop-In: UK climate policy – A lesson in how not to do it

A series of recent stumbles by the UK government highlight the inherent mismatch between political goals and climate-related time horizons.

They carry important lessons for other governments that are trying to legislate the transition away from fossil fuels – and for investors who are trying to gauge their success.

In this special online briefing, economists from our Climate, UK Economics and UK property teams discussed the government’s recent climate-related challenges to show how and why green intentions are falling short of political reality – and what’s needed to change this.

During this 20-minute session, the team addressed key issues, including:

  • What’s gone wrong with Conservative government climate policy – and whether the Labour Party would have more success;
  • Whether the UK’s experience has lessons for other economies;
  • What this means for investors – including regulatory risk in property and other sectors.
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