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CE Advance

A new premium product from Capital Economics

CE Advance delivers Capital Economics' award-winning analysis through a new personalised digital experience.

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Investors and leaders making strategic business decisions do not need more data and information. They need insight.

Unfiltered information can slow down the decision process, and when every second counts to make fast, well-informed judgments ahead of the market those who lose time risk their competitive advantage. 

And with the volatility of recent years shifting from ‘unprecedented’ to the new normal, it’s more important than ever to understand the potential impacts and drivers of economic events on your business. To beat market benchmarks, decision-makers need trustworthy, unbiased insights tailored for their unique perspectives and commercial priorities.

CE Advance homepage

Premium platform with a user-centric design 

A high-speed digital service optimised for mobile or desktop usage

Embedded and contextualised videos, podcasts, audio files alongside written content and data

Personalised insights, analytics and perspectives delivered direct to your mobile or desktop as they happen

Direct engagement with experienced economists 

Exclusive podcast and invitation-only live events with our chief economists

Chief Economist curated, end-of-week wrap highlighting key research and insight

A fully searchable and interactive economist Q&A content service with up-to-date questions from our global user base and economist answers

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CE Advance data and charts

Interactive data and charting 

Exclusive access to an extensive range of proprietary data and and indicators, including the China Activity Proxy and US recession trackers.

Powerful but easy-to-use tools let you create the dynamic charts for presentations or analysis 

Build one-off charts or create a dashboard of favourites, selecting from a full range of economies and markets, indicators, time horizons and chart styles.

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Custom alerts and topic feeds

Fully customisable interface lets you create your own unique alerts aligned to specific investments and areas of interest

Alerts and topic feeds are updated in real time, allowing you to always see the latest information through your client portal and choose the frequency of your email summaries

Gain a holistic view of what's happening and what matters to you quickly and easily on your homepage

CE Advance homepage

More insight into the global economy and markets

Complete online access to Capital Economics’ analysis and forecasts across over 100 markets, geographies and sectors

Exclusive access to our new Climate coverage with in-depth analysis, charts, data and reports

A wealth of data and dashboards, including custom-made dashboards for use in internal and client-facing reports

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Holistic global macro coverage

CE Advance clients are prepared for any eventuality, with full access to all our coverage across over 100 markets, economies and sectors. Our unbiased analysis examines more than the impact of an economic event; we help our clients understand the drivers that caused it, how it will impact their investments and what's likely to happen next.

Personalised web experience

The CE Advance website, optimised for mobile and desktop usage, is unique for every client, with custom-built dashboards, alerts and feeds designed to highlight the most relevant updates and analysis for each user. CE Advance clients will be alerted to new content as soon as it is published and it will be delivered direct to their homepage. As part of the onboarding process, our team works with each client to build out their homepage and provides the tools so they can continue to personalise their experience over time. 

Exclusive economist access

The Capital Economics economists have a well-deserved reputation for award-winning research and insights.  Not afraid to go against the consensus and ensuring thorough analysis and validation of their perspectives, forecasts and predictions we know our clients really value the interaction with the economics team.  Only CE Advance clients can avail of frequent and direct contact with our economists, through a new Economist Q&A service, getting up to the minute perspectives from the key experts, exclusive drop-ins, podcasts and direct briefings from our Chief Economists.

Interactive charts and data

CE Advance clients have access to the data behind all our forecasts and analysis. Charts and data visuals are presented in an interactive and flexible format, directly embedded into the written content throughout our website, making it easy and fast to find the data that matters most to their decision making. And, when needed, we can partner with our clients to create customised charts based on their specific requirements.