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property in a storm

The Weekly Briefing:
Property Special – How much more pain to come?

A Capital Economics podcast
21st June, 2023

In this special episode of the Capital Economics Weekly Briefing, our team of property economists explain how commercial and housing markets are faring in a world of rapid and large increases in interest rates.

Taking in everything from the crisis in the US banking system to panic around UK inflation, the team discuss what’s been happening on both sides of the Atlantic and where they think markets are going.

  • Chief Property Economist Andrew Burrell revisits our forecasts going to into 2023 to discuss whether markets are passed the worst;
  • Andrew Wishart, the head of our UK Housing service, explains what the recent surge in UK mortgage rates means for transactions and prices;
  • Kiran Raichura, our Deputy Chief Property Economist, and Senior Property Economist Matthew Pointon discuss the similarities and differences between the US and UK commercial markets, including the office outlook in both.

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