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US Housing Market Monthly

A round-up of all the latest economic news about the housing market and discussion on how this fits in with our forecasts of the market.

Sample - Investors and cash buyers pull back

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Existing housing supply posts meaningful riseSupply of homes nears record lowIncreased house price optimism among consumersFiscal cliff deal extends Mortgage Debt Relief ActSurge in HARP refinancing continuesSigns that willing sellers are returningMortgage interest rates drop further on QE3Land values begin to riseDon’t fret about June’s weak sales figuresHouse prices are on a streak but may slow in second half
Modest housing improvement still holding upPlenty more home sales pendingBorrowers making larger loan applicationsTentative signs that prices are stabilisingSlightly easier credit supporting salesActivity showing first signs of improvementHigh credit hurdle hampering housingPrice falls starting to gather pace againMedian mortgage just as cheap as median rentCash buyers and investors take fright
Housing market hit by weaker economyDon't read too much into seasonal boostWorse than the Great DepressionPrice declines acceleratingStill in the doldrumsHousing has never been this under-valuedPrices still slidingMortgage rates reboundRebound stallsBouncing along the bottom
Prices start to fall backHome sales in freefallDouble-dip begins