Capital Economics topped The Sunday Times’ annual poll of UK economic forecasters in 2014. Our forecasts for GDP growth, inflation, the current account, unemployment and interest rates earned us 8 points out of 10, a clear margin ahead of 37 other forecasters.

David Smith, The Sunday Times’ Economics Editor who compiled the table, said:

“Who got the economy right in 2014? This year’s clear winner is Capital Economics. Many years ago Roger Bootle, its founder, wrote a book called The Death of Inflation. Forecasting that inflation would have another near-death experience was one of the reasons for Capital’s triumph.”

“It is not its first success. It topped the table in 2005, came second in 2011, and has done well in other years”.

Other awards

The award from The Sunday Times adds to Capital Economics’ growing list of accolades:

  • In 2012, we won the Wolfson Economics Prize – the second-largest award in economics after the Nobel Prize. The prize sought to find the best answer to the question: “If member states leave the Economic and Monetary Union, what is the best way for the economic process to be managed to provide the soundest foundation for the future growth and prosperity of the current membership?”
  • In 2010, our US team beat 53 others to come top of The Wall Street Journal’s ranking of economists based on their forecasts for the US economy.

Our UK services

The UK Economics Service is Capital Economics’ longest standing service. The in-depth macroeconomic analysis that it provides underpins our UK sectoral, regional and property services:

  • The UK Consumer service – Designed for clients who have a particular interest in the consumer and retail sectors. Existing clients include retailers, consumer service providers, building societies, mail-order firms, e-tailers and consumer finance houses.
  • The UK Markets service – Designed for people working in the treasuries of banks, corporates and financial institutions, particularly those who invest and/or borrow in sterling money market instruments and bonds.
  • The UK Housing service – Relevant to all those professionals engaged in the UK housing market, including house builders, residential property developers, investors in housing, mortgage lenders, and all agents and financial advisers working in the housing industry.
  • The UK Commercial Property service – This service is for those dealing in the UK commercial property market – from financiers and developers to brokers and major corporate occupiers.

If you have any questions or would like further details on our UK or any other service please contact: James Hayes on +44 (0)20 7808 4981 or

UK Forecast Table

Source: The Sunday Times, 28th December 2014

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