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Industrial Metals > Industrial Metals Update — Tin prices to rise even without an Indonesian export banAfrica Economics > Africa Economics Focus — Low commodity prices spell an era of weaker growth for SSAMiddle East & North Africa Economics > Middle East Economic Updates — Gulf public investment projects to take the hit from low oil pricesGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — What next for India’s financial markets?Industrial Metals > Industrial Metals Chart Book — Copper provides a glimmer of hopeEnergy > Energy Data Response — US Weekly Petroleum Status ReportGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — What's really behind negative bond yields?This article appears in multiple services — Misery index on track for 50-year lowEnergy > Energy Update — What impact would an Iran-US nuclear deal have on oil prices?European Economics > European Chart Book — Deflationary pressures remain intense
Japan Economics > Japan Chart Book — Low inflation puts policymakers in a bindPrecious Metals > Precious Metals Update — Will platinum prices recover?Commodities Overview > Commodities Economics Chart Book — Commodities on the way upEmerging Europe Economics > Emerging Europe Economics Update — Ruble rally largely explained by oil reboundAustralia & New Zealand Economics > Australia & New Zealand Economic Outlook — Struggling to cope with commodity collapseAustralia & New Zealand Economics > Australia & New Zealand Economics Update — 10 key calls on Australia and New ZealandCommodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — Outlook for metals brighteningAgricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Update — Faster sales of Thailand’s rice stocks should pull down pricesGlobal Markets > Emerging Markets Valuation Monitor — Time for EM equities to shine?Emerging Asia Economics > Emerging Asia Economics Weekly — Where next for Indonesia’s current account?
Industrial Metals > Industrial Metals Update — Bauxite shortfall to support alumina pricesUK Economics > UK Economics Weekly — Is a recovery in exports finally underway?Latin America Economics > Latin America Data Response — Chile Retail Sales, Ind. Prod. & Copper Prod. (Jan.)Precious Metals > Precious Metals Update — Indian budget likely to be a small positive for goldGlobal Economics > Global Monetary Indicators Monitor — Global easing cycle not over yetEnergy > Energy Update — Europe able to weather any disruption in Russian gas suppliesEmerging Asia Economics > Emerging Asia Markets Monitor — Asian equity markets continue good runJapan Economics > Japan Economics Weekly — Electricity prices to remain highEmerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Inflation Monitor — Falling energy prices push many EMs into deflationAfrica Economics > Africa Chart Book — Delay to Nigeria’s election puts naira under pressure
China Economics > China Markets Monitor — Funding costs set to fallLatin America Economics > Latin America Markets Monitor — Brazilian real hits weakest level in a decadeAfrica Economics > Africa Economics Update — Kenyan interest rates held, but will rise within 12 monthsIndustrial Metals > Industrial Metals & Mining Watch — A rosy outlook for copper pricesEnergy > Energy Update — Is OPEC likely to call an extraordinary meeting?Middle East & North Africa Economics > Middle East Chart Book — Inflation pressures easing across the MENA regionEnergy > Energy Data Response — US Weekly Petroleum Status ReportEuropean Economics > European Economics Update — Has the tide turned for the Danish krone?Energy > Energy Watch — Will US energy exports be a game-changer for global markets?UK Commercial Property > UK Commercial Property Monthly — Downward trend in yields levels off in January
Latin America Economics > Latin America Chart Book — Latin America has turned a corner, but recovery is unevenCommodities Overview > Commodities Data Response — China Flash Manufacturing PMI (Feb.)Global Markets > Emerging Markets Capital Flows Monitor — Investors shrug off risks from GreeceEmerging Asia Economics > Emerging Asia Chart Book — Time to worry about deflation?Japan Economics > Japan Economics Update — Should we be worried about the negative saving rate?Global Markets > Global Markets Update — What next for the US stock market?Commodities Overview > Commodities Markets Chart Book — Rebound in Brent fails to lift metals pricesUK Economics > UK Economics Update — Is the FTSE 100 still a bellwether for the UK economy?US Economics > US Economics Update — Yellen positions the Fed for a June rate hikeAfrica Economics > Africa Markets Monitor — Election worries hit Nigeria
Industrial Metals > Industrial Metals Data Response — ILZSG Data (2014)India Economics > India Economics Focus — Improvement in balance of payments position here to stayMiddle East & North Africa Economics > Middle East Markets Monitor — Gulf equity markets find some support from recovery in oil pricesEmerging Europe Economics > Emerging Europe Markets Monitor — Markets brush off concerns over GreeceLatin America Economics > Latin America Update — Colombia: case for interest rate cuts buildingEuropean Economics > European Economics Update — A parallel currency is not the solution for GreeceCommodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — “Grexit” could boost gold now, other commodities laterEuropean Economics > European Economics Weekly — More on the rising risk and effects of a GrexitIndustrial Metals > Industrial Metals Update — Surely aluminium premiums have to fall soon?Global Economics > Global Economics Update — Risk of “Grexit” casts a shadow over global growth prospects
Agricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Data Response — USDA Weekly Export Sales (12th Feb.)Global Markets > Global Markets Update — Will sterling’s renewed strength be maintained?Latin America Economics > Latin America Data Response — Mexico GDP (Q4)Industrial Metals > Industrial Metals Data Response — Global Steel Production (Jan.)US Economics > US Economics Weekly — Dip into deflation will be briefCommodities Overview > Commodities Focus — Whatever happened to the super-cycle?Agricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Chart Book — Supply prospects boost cotton but weigh on arabicaGlobal Markets > Developed Markets Valuation Monitor — Sterling’s strength unlikely to lastEnergy > Energy Data Response — US Weekly Petroleum Status ReportEmerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Economics Chart Book — Regional inflation heading in opposite directions
Global Economics > Global Economics Update — What would be the global fallout if Greece left the euro?Global Markets > Global Markets Update — Growing risk of Greek exit under-priced in global marketsMiddle East & North Africa Economics > Middle East Watch — Lower oil prices start to weigh on FX reserves in the GulfPrecious Metals > Precious Metals Update — How sensitive are gold prices to the Chinese New Year?Latin America Economics > Latin America Update — Counting the cost of the Petrobras scandalGlobal Economics > Global Economics Update — How are lower oil prices affecting inflation?European Commercial Property > Non-euro European Commercial Property Chart Book — Occupier and investment indicators fall sharply in MoscowUS Housing > US Housing Market Data Response — Housing Starts (Jan.)Global Markets > Global Markets Focus — Is the bull market in US Treasuries over?Energy > Energy Update — US natural gas to burn brighter this year
India Economics > India Markets Monitor — Rupee continues to outperformPrecious Metals > Precious Metals Update — Why is gold sliding again?Emerging Europe Economics > Emerging Europe Economics Update — What has been behind capital flight from Russia?Industrial Metals > Industrial Metals Update — Dwindling surpluses to boost nickel pricesEnergy > Energy Update — Rally in coal prices likely to be short-livedCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — What to make of record-low dry freight costsLatin America Economics > Latin America Focus — Venezuela’s currency crisis: a primerGlobal Economics > Global Economics Update — Are consumers spending their oil windfall?Agricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Update — Strong dollar likely to dent US soybean exportsGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — Has investors’ appetite for EM government bonds waned?
Commodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — Recovery in oil prices may falter soonEuropean Economics > European Economics Weekly — Time is running out for GreecePrecious Metals > Precious Metals Watch — Gold and silver to shine despite likely US rate hikesEnergy > Energy Update — Oil prices likely to continue to rise, but slowlyPrecious Metals > Precious Metals Update — Strong demand to lift palladium pricesUS Economics > US Economics Weekly — Oil price slump bad news for Texas and North DakotaIndia Economics > India Data Response — Trade (Jan.)Global Markets > Global Markets Update — Have Basel III regulations fuelled the rally in US Treasuries?Japan Economics > Japan Economics Update — Concerns about yen unlikely to prevent more BoJ easingGlobal Economics > Global Economics Update — Don’t expect China, Russia or the US to save Greece
Latin America Economics > Latin America Watch — Brazil edging towards an energy crisisThis article appears in multiple services — What next for global metals demand?European Economics > European Economics Update — How would Greece leave the euro?Energy > Energy Chart Book — Prospects of supply cuts boost oil and coal pricesMiddle East & North Africa Economics > Middle East Economic Outlook — Gulf set for weaker growth, North Africa to outperformIndustrial Metals > Industrial Metals Update — Chinese steel prices to remain in the doldrumsGlobal Markets > Emerging Markets Markets Chart Book — What’s behind the EMBI Global spread?Emerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Trade Monitor — Split in EM export performance is wideningEmerging Europe Economics > Emerging Europe Economics Update — IMF package brings Ukraine back from the brinkEnergy > Energy Data Response — US Weekly Petroleum Status Report
European Economics > European Economics Update — Does Greece still need a weaker currency?Agricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Update — Higher demand can’t offset rise in productionEmerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Economics Update — Which EMs are most at risk from dollar strength?Industrial Metals > Industrial Metals Stock Monitor — Stocks failing to signal demand trendsEnergy > OPEC Watch — Oil glut likely to continue in the first half of 2015UK Markets > UK Markets Chart Book — Rate hike could still come sooner than markets thinkAfrica Economics > Africa Data Response — South Africa Manufacturing Production (Dec.)Latin America Economics > Latin America Economic Outlook — Recovery set to be slow-goingChina Economics > China Economics Focus — Five key questions about the renminbiCommodities Overview > Commodities Analyst — 2015 to be a year of recovering prices
Agricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Update — Lift in wheat price is not the start of an upward trendEmerging Europe Economics > Emerging Europe Watch — What to make of the latest currency moves in Central EuropeEuropean Economics > European Economics Focus — Is deflation here to stay this time?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — China’s commodity imports slip from December recordCommodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — A sustained rally in oil prices?Precious Metals > Precious Metals Update — How big a threat is Fed tightening to gold prices?European Economics > European Economics Weekly — Grexit risks risingAgricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Markets Monitor — Positive sentiment towards agriculturals fadesEmerging Europe Economics > Emerging Europe Economics Update — Turkey caught in currency crosswindsGlobal Economics > Global Economics Update — Which governments gain the most from lower bond yields?
Emerging Europe Economics > Emerging Europe Economics Update — Oil prices to determine interest rate moves in RussiaEuropean Economics > European Chart Book — Modest recovery continues despite Greek crisisAfrica Economics > Africa Watch — African Eurobond debts manageable, for nowGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — Has “safe-haven” demand driven US Treasury yields down?Industrial Metals > Industrial Metals Update — Shifting dynamics in the tin tradeUS Economics > US Data Response — International Trade (Dec.)UK Economics > UK Economics Update — MPC stays focused on deflation risksGlobal Economics > Global Economics Chart Book — Global growth rate set to recoverUK Economics > UK Economics Update — Oil price rebound does not eliminate chance of deflationJapan Economics > Japan Chart Book — Price pressure moderates despite rebound in activity
Global Markets > Global Markets Update — Is there more upside for equities in Japan than in the euro-zone?Energy > Energy Data Response — US Weekly Petroleum Status ReportPrecious Metals > Precious Metals Update — Is deflation good or bad for gold?Energy > Energy Update — European gas prices set to plummetAgricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Update — Risks to the price of sugar remain to the downsideIndustrial Metals > Industrial Metals Chart Book — Metals prove resistantUK Economics > UK Economics Chart Book — Economy starts 2015 on a surer footingGlobal Economics > Global Economics Update — Partial recovery in oil prices ideal for world economyGlobal Markets > Developed Markets Chart Book — Equity rally to shift from euro-zone to JapanEuropean Commercial Property > European Commercial Property Updates — Could Norwegian property go from hero to zero in 2015?