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Commodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — Middle East tensions boost oil pricesAfrica Economics > Africa Chart Book — Nigerian politics take centre stageCommodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — Dovish Fed cheers commodity marketsEnergy > Energy Update — Time to think again about US natural gas prices?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Fed tightening still a near-term threat, but can be offsetEnergy > Energy Update — New lows for US oil price unlikely to be sustainedCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — What do China’s prospects mean for commodity prices?Commodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — Commodity prices wilt in face of surging dollarGlobal Economics > Global Economics Update — Should we worry about dollar strength?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Can commodity prices resist further dollar strength?
Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — China’s commodity import data still distorted by holidaysAfrica Economics > Africa Watch — South Africa faces lasting energy crisisLatin America Economics > Latin America Watch — China unlikely to write a blank cheque for Lat AmCommodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — Payrolls data are not all bad newsIndustrial Metals > Industrial Metals Update — Little to support US steel prices, for nowAustralia & New Zealand Economics > Australia & New Zealand Economics Weekly — Was that it?Energy > Energy Update — China takes another step away from coal powerAfrica Economics > Africa Economics Focus — Low commodity prices spell an era of weaker growth for SSACommodities Overview > Commodities Economics Chart Book — Commodities on the way upAustralia & New Zealand Economics > Australia & New Zealand Economic Outlook — Struggling to cope with commodity collapse
Commodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — Outlook for metals brighteningAgricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Update — Faster sales of Thailand’s rice stocks should pull down pricesJapan Economics > Japan Economics Weekly — Electricity prices to remain highIndustrial Metals > Industrial Metals & Mining Watch — A rosy outlook for copper pricesEnergy > Energy Data Response — US Weekly Petroleum Status ReportEnergy > Energy Watch — Will US energy exports be a game-changer for global markets?Commodities Overview > Commodities Data Response — China Flash Manufacturing PMI (Feb.)Commodities Overview > Commodities Markets Chart Book — Rebound in Brent fails to lift metals pricesIndustrial Metals > Industrial Metals Data Response — ILZSG Data (2014)Commodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — “Grexit” could boost gold now, other commodities later
Commodities Overview > Commodities Focus — Whatever happened to the super-cycle?Agricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Chart Book — Supply prospects boost cotton but weigh on arabicaPrecious Metals > Precious Metals Update — How sensitive are gold prices to the Chinese New Year?Energy > Energy Update — US natural gas to burn brighter this yearEnergy > Energy Update — Rally in coal prices likely to be short-livedCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — What to make of record-low dry freight costsCommodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — Recovery in oil prices may falter soonEnergy > Energy Chart Book — Prospects of supply cuts boost oil and coal pricesUK Markets > UK Markets Chart Book — Rate hike could still come sooner than markets thinkCommodities Overview > Commodities Analyst — 2015 to be a year of recovering prices
Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — China’s commodity imports slip from December recordCommodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — A sustained rally in oil prices?Agricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Markets Monitor — Positive sentiment towards agriculturals fadesIndustrial Metals > Industrial Metals Update — Shifting dynamics in the tin tradeEnergy > Energy Data Response — US Weekly Petroleum Status ReportEnergy > Energy Update — European gas prices set to plummetIndustrial Metals > Industrial Metals Chart Book — Metals prove resistantCommodities Overview > Commodities Economics Chart Book — Precious metals prove their worthGlobal Economics > Global Economics Update — Are low freight costs signalling a wider slowdown?Commodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — Copper caught up in January sell-off
Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Bargain hunting to boost China’s commodity imports in 2015Energy > Energy Data Response — US Weekly Petroleum Status ReportEnergy > Energy Focus — Are lower crude oil prices here to stay?Agricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Update — Outlook for US homebuilding is positive for lumberCommodities Overview > Commodities Weekly Wrap — Oil prices finding a floor as precious metals reboundAgricultural Commodities > Agricultural Commodities Update — Weak demand to push the price of cocoa lowerCommodities Overview > Commodities Data Response — China and Euro-zone Flash Manufacturing PMIs (Jan)Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — What does QE in the euro-zone mean for commodities?Energy > Energy Data Response — US Weekly Petroleum Status ReportEnergy > Energy Update — Fall in US oil rigs should lead to a fall in output, just not yet
Africa Economics > Africa Data Response — Ghana GDP (Q3) & Kenya Interest RateCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Will gold’s strong start to 2015 be sustained?Global Markets > Emerging Markets Markets Chart Book — What next for the Chinese renminbi?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Rising stocks to undermine soybean and grain pricesCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — China’s commodity imports holding up wellIndia Economics > India Economics Update — Early end to strike doesn’t solve coal sector’s problemsThis article appears in multiple services — A bleak future for South Africa’s metals mining sectorIndia Economics > India Watch — Cause for optimism in 2015Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — What to make of the latest slump in oil pricesCommodities Overview > Commodities Economics Chart Book — December brings little cheer for producers
Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Fall in US natural gas prices likely to be temporaryEnergy > Energy Watch — How much will lower oil prices drag on other fuel costs?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Impact of Russian wheat restrictions should be limitedCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Time to turn positive on base metalsCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — What should lower oil prices mean for other commodities?Commodities Overview > Commodities Data Response — PMIs signal demand still weakUS Economics > US Economic Outlook — Fed can't delay for much longerCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — How low must oil prices fall to choke off shale supply?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Expectations for world grain & soybean output rise againIndia Economics > India Economics Update — Reforming the coal sector remains a difficult prospect
Emerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Trade Monitor — Falling commodity prices douse the EM export recoveryCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Coal market set for short-term recoveryCommodities Overview > Commodities Data Response — Chinese commodity imports supported by stockbuildingCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Sales of Thai rice stocks to push prices lowerCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Copper demand should benefit from lower oil pricesEmerging Europe Economics > Emerging Europe Data Response — Turkey CPI (November)Commodities Overview > Commodities Economics Chart Book — Oil leads the way lowerCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Price of cocoa to fall further as the market remains well-suppliedIndia Economics > India Economics Update — What to make of the removal of gold import restrictionsAfrica Economics > Africa Chart Book — Nigeria forced to hike rates, while SA & Kenya hold fire
Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Policy will trump energy costs in the aluminium sectorCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Market response to OPEC inaction shows cheaper oil here to stayEmerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Inflation Monitor — Deflation concerns spread across the emerging worldCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Lower oil prices will hit growth of fledgling LNG industryCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Iran nuclear deal pushed back until JuneCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Plenty of upside for gold despite likely Fed tighteningCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Tin prices to soldier on, and upCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — El Niño starting to warm up againEmerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Economics Chart Book — Lower commodity prices bring mixed news for EMsCommodities Overview > Commodities Data Response — PMIs point to subdued commodity demand
Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Keystone XL delayed again, but likely to be approved next yearCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Will ECB or SNB purchases boost the gold price?Energy > Energy Watch — Can OPEC keep prices from falling further?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Copper mine supply likely to disappointCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — How could the second China – Russia gas deal impact prices?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Brent heading for $70Emerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Trade Monitor — Fragile EM export recovery facing more headwindsCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — How might the US midterm results affect US energy policy?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Lower production estimates won’t stop grain prices fallingCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Some brighter signs in China’s trade data
Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — New subsidy to slow cotton market adjustment in ChinaIndia Economics > India Inflation Monitor — Falling commodity prices to keep inflation subduedCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — What are China’s copper demand indicators saying?Latin America Economics > Latin America Data Response — Brazil & Chile Consumer Prices (Oct.)Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Demand for US corn to remain weak despite falling pricesCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Risk of spikes in US natural gas prices still highCommodities Overview > Commodities Economics Chart Book — “A perfect storm” batters gold pricesCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Renewed weakness in gold price has a silver liningGlobal Markets > Capital Markets Analyst — Bubble in US Treasuries should deflate soonCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Russia & Ukraine opt for treaties over tricks
Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Nickel sell-off is overdoneCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Wheat prices to remain low despite weather conditions in RussiaCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Coal output will still increase, but at a slower paceGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — Support from the Fed’s QE is not about to disappearCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Falls in oil prices not enough to cut outputCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Some (very) tentative signs of rebalancing in the steel industryCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Coffee market set to tightenEmerging Asia Economics > Emerging Asia Economics Weekly — Falling commodity prices to keep Asian inflation lowEmerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Inflation Monitor — Low EM inflation set to persistAfrica Economics > Africa Economics Update — Falling commodity prices not enough to pull SA’s inflation down
Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — Lower fuel subsidies to dampen oil demand growthCommodities Overview > Commodities Data Response — PMIs provide little support to commodities pricesEmerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Economics Update — Cheaper commodities to allow rates to stay lower for longerCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Poor supply prospects should underpin lead pricesThis article appears in multiple services — Why fuel subsidy reform matters for India and IndonesiaCommodities Overview > Commodities Analyst — Time to look again at commoditiesUK Consumer > UK Consumer Update — Lower commodity prices to bolster consumer recoveryCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Glut of grain and soybeans to push prices lowerLatin America Economics > Latin America Watch — Lower commodity prices and what they mean for Lat AmMiddle East & North Africa Economics > Middle East Economic Updates — Underlying inflation pressures building in parts of the Gulf
Commodities Overview > Commodities Data Response — Chinese domestic demand remains weakCanada Economics > Canada Economics Weekly — Oil price slump shouldn't threaten domestic producersEnergy > Energy Watch — Rising Indian demand not enough to boost coal pricesCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — LME warehouse reform no longer so relevantCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Supply not demand weighing on the copper priceCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — How will OPEC respond to falling oil prices?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — What risks does Ebola pose to commodity markets?Commodities Overview > Commodities Update — US natural gas stocks still low going into withdrawal seasonCommodities Overview > Commodities Economics Chart Book — US dollar strength weighs on commoditiesCommodities Overview > Commodities Update — Russia & Ukraine’s gas deal a step in the right direction