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Commodities > Commodities Analyst — Still too soon to call the turnEmerging Asia Economics > Emerging Asia Economics Focus — A Chinese hard landing: Which Asian countries are most at risk?Commodities > Commodities Update — China's soybean demand is likely to slump later this yearCommodities > Commodities Data Response — Chinese commodity imports prove resilient, for nowCommodities > Commodities Update — How vulnerable are gold prices to rising real yields?Commodities > Commodities Update — Unplanned supply outages keeping oil prices highCommodities > Commodities Update — Aluminium prices will still struggle this yearCommodities > Commodities Update — US farmers to prioritise soybeans over cornCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — China fears weigh on industrial metal pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — Slower growth in China's demand for oil to weigh on prices
Global Markets > Global Markets Update — A selection of our non-consensus callsCommodities > Energy Watch — Price of coal to drift gradually lowerCommodities > Commodities Update — Solid fundamentals will support palladium pricesCommodities > Commodities Data Response — No sign of China headwinds easingCommodities > Commodities Update — Surge in supply will weigh on iron ore pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — More upside for Iraqi oil productionCommodities > Commodities Update — Common factors driving agricultural prices higherGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — US rate expectations have further to riseCommodities > Commodities Update — It's time to differentiate more between metalsCommodities > Commodities Update — Would the release of US strategic oil reserves be a game changer?
Commodities > Commodities Update — Crop prices supported by weather and conflict risksCommodities > Commodities Update — Copper and iron ore prices to fall furtherCommodities > Commodities Update — Slowing demand to weigh on coal pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — China's imports likely to slow again in coming monthsThis article appears in multiple services — What the crisis in Ukraine could mean for the rest of the worldCommodities > Commodities Update — What might China's "war on pollution" mean for metals prices?Commodities > Commodities Update — Ukraine crisis a bigger threat to grain markets than energyCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — Unseasonal weather lifts pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — Political upheaval in Thailand to weigh on rice pricesCommodities > Energy Watch — Political risk and bad weather keep prices high
Commodities > Commodities Data Response — Sluggish manufacturing data to keep prices subduedCommodities > Commodities Update — How are Chinese financing deals affecting the copper market?Commodities > Commodities Update — Quality over quantity for Chinese farmers, but supply still ampleCommodities > Commodities Update — Bad US weather driving commodity prices in unexpected waysCommodities > Commodities Focus — Gold's last hurrah?Commodities > Commodities Data Response — China's imports not as strong as headlines suggestCommodities > Commodities Update — Strong demand to limit grain price fallsCommodities > Commodities Update — Falling aluminium premiums should support pricesCommodities > Commodities Focus — Deteriorating supply prospects to support PGM pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — Brazilian drought heats up coffee and sugar markets
Commodities > Commodities Update — Commodities look to stronger GDP growth for comfortCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — A shaky start to 2014Japan Economics > Japan Economics Update — Nuclear shutdown not the main reason for surging trade deficitCommodities > Commodities Update — Cold weather heats up the US natural gas marketCommodities > Commodities Update — Too soon to panic about zinc supplyCommodities > Commodities Data Response — Bad news from China offsets better news from EuropeCommodities > Commodities Update — Little to galvanise the steel price in 2014Commodities > Commodities Update — China to stop supporting cotton pricesCommodities > Commodities Analyst — Risks (mostly) still on the downsideCommodities > Commodities Update — Should we worry about sinking freight costs?
Commodities > Commodities Update — Indonesia's export ban offers temporary support to nickel pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — Higher output implies another weak year for grain pricesCommodities > Commodities Update — US farmers dig in for cold weatherCommodities > Commodities Update — China's commodity import demand set to slow furtherCommodities > Commodities Update — Apparent market tightening supporting copper prices for nowCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — Investors glad to put 2013 behind themGlobal Markets > Emerging Markets Valuation Monitor — Turkish lira comes under fireCommodities > Commodities Update — Will gold come back into favour in 2014?Commodities > Commodities Update — Fed tapering shouldn't be a big deal for commoditiesCommodities > Commodities Update — Agricultural reform in China could reduce global prices
Commodities > Energy Watch — How much control does OPEC still have over oil prices?Latin America Economics > Latin America Update — Mexican energy reform sets scene for stronger growthCommodities > Commodities Update — Attention turns to demand & South American harvestsCommodities > Commodities Data Response — Muted response to US data suggests "Fed taper" priced inCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — Supply and Fed fears dominateCommodities > Commodities Update — Sugar prices still have further to fallCommodities > Commodities Update — Will bitcoin ever become mainstream?Commodities > Commodities Update — What could China's Third Plenum mean for steel?Emerging Asia Economics > Emerging Asia Markets Monitor — Asian markets see renewed volatilityCommodities > Commodities Data Response — China and euro-zone PMIs point to weak industrial demand
Commodities > Commodities Update — Cut in ethanol law knocks back hopes of higher corn demandCommodities > Energy Watch — Oil prices to end the decade much lowerCommodities > Commodities Update — Gold demand statistics not all bad newsCommodities > Commodities Update — Corn supplies to remain plentiful, despite rising demandCommodities > Commodities Data Response — Rising Chinese imports need not be bullishCommodities > Commodities Analyst — Risks still on downside but prices looking more reasonableGlobal Markets > Global Markets Update — Will the Fed taper be a game-changer?Commodities > Commodities Chart Book — Ample supply offsets improving prospects for demandCommodities > Commodities Update — Gold should continue to outshine industrial metalsCommodities > Commodities Update — Rising supply to continue to undermine copper prices
Africa Economics > Africa Economics Update — Natural resource boom will bring its own challengesCommodities > Commodities Update — Rise in the price of cocoa more bitter than sweet for producersCommodities > Energy Watch — Constrained supply keeping oil prices highCommodities > Commodities Update — Strength in China's commodity imports likely to be temporaryCommodities > Commodities Update — Why isn't the gold price higher?Commodities > Commodities Update — China has the cotton market sewn up for nowCommodities > Commodities Update — Industrial metals prices to remain weakCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — Commodity prices fall despite support from the FedCommodities > Commodities Update — Demand to play a bigger role in crop price changesCommodities > Commodities Update — Improvement in China not enough to boost metal prices
Commodities > Commodities Update — The environment looks to be winning the war on coalCommodities > Commodities Update — What does the Fed decision mean for commodities?Commodities > Commodities Update — Can seasonal demand alone rescue the price of gold?Commodities > Commodities Update — Rising China demand won't stop oil prices from fallingCommodities > Commodities Focus — Oil prices should fall back as conventional supply recoversCommodities > Commodities Update — Thai rice price has not quite found its floor yetCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — More upside for gold than oil?Commodities > Commodities Update — Shanghai copper premiums are likely to plummetCommodities > Commodities Update — What’s behind the rally in gold?Commodities > Commodities Data Response — China and euro-zone data provide some cheer (for now)
Commodities > Commodities Update — LME steel prices set to rallyCommodities > Energy Watch — Will US energy exports be a game-changer?Global Markets > Global Markets Update — What next for euro-zone equities?Commodities > Commodities Update — Are iron ore prices set to tumble?Commodities > Commodities Update — China still the wildcardCommodities > Commodities Update — Grain and soybean prices still have further to fallCommodities > Commodities Update — Coffee prices to grind lower over the next yearCommodities > Commodities Data Response — China’s commodity imports surge higherCommodities > Commodities Update — Plummeting cobalt prices still have further to fallCommodities > Commodities Focus — Uranium: the Capital Economics view
Global Markets > Capital Markets Analyst — Is the worst now over for "risky" assets?Commodities > Commodities Chart Book — Supply takes centre stageCanada Economics > Canada Economics Update — Global potash price slump won't harm Canada's economyChina Economics > China Watch — Is China suffering from deflation?Commodities > Commodities Analyst — Headwinds set to persistCommodities > Commodities Data Response — China weakening, euro-zone stabilisingCommodities > Commodities Update — Is silver set to outshine gold?Emerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Economics Chart Book — Currency sell-off unlikely to prompt a wave of rate hikesJapan Economics > Japan Economics Update — Nuclear energy restart not a game changerCommodities > Commodities Update — Recent fall in gas prices due to a lot of hot air
Canada Economics > Canada Economics Weekly — Canada should weather China's slowdownCommodities > Commodities Update — Soybean prices likely to fall back by year endCommodities > Commodities Data Response — China’s commodity imports remain subduedCommodities > Energy Watch — Ample supply to weigh again on oil pricesEmerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Economics Update — China’s slowdown: which EMs are most exposed?China Economics > China Data Response — China’s commodity imports remain subduedLatin America Economics > Latin America Update — Latin America’s commodity boom – an opportunity missedCommodities > Commodities Update — Favourable weather to dampen US grain prices furtherEmerging Markets Economics > Emerging Markets Economics Update — The EM winners and losers from the shale revolutionCommodities > Commodities Chart Book — Negative sentiment towards gold looks overdone
Global Markets > Global Markets Update — A more cautious view on goldCommodities > Commodities Focus — What next for gold?Commodities > Commodities Update — A new front in the war on coal?Commodities > Commodities Data Response — China slowdown and policy outlooks to keep prices weakCommodities > Commodities Update — Rice price to continue to fall as Thailand reduces supportCommodities > Commodities Update — What’s really happening to China’s copper demand?Middle East & North Africa Economics > Middle East Watch — What would the tapering of QE mean for the MENA region?Commodities > Commodities Update — How vulnerable are commodities to the tapering of QE3?Commodities > Commodities Update — China's underlying demand still weakCommodities > Commodities Update — Correction in lumber prices should prove temporary
Commodities > Commodities Chart Book — Growth mix fails to help commoditiesCommodities > Commodities Update — Aluminium prices range-bound by supplyCommodities > Commodities Update — Rise in soybean prices unlikely to be sustainedCommodities > Commodities Update — Rising mine output to keep copper price weakCommodities > Commodities Update — Low shipping costs add to concerns over the recoveryCommodities > Commodities Update — Rally in platinum prices postponed not cancelledCommodities > Commodities Update — Grain and oilseed supply to surge to record levelsThis article appears in multiple services — Why QE helps equities more than commoditiesCommodities > Commodities Update — Grain price rally set to be short livedCommodities > Energy Watch — Oil prices to resume declines despite policy "stimulus"