The Future of Property

Global property markets are expected to see a lasting impact from the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic has raised some fundamental questions about how behavioural changes caused by the virus could shape the demand for property over the next decade or more.

‘The Future of Property’ is a special research series which looks at the long-term outlook across the main property types, addressing the key issues for real estate markets in a post-pandemic world, including:

  • Whether the virus disruption will force a more aggressive change in how we work.
  • Whether a shift to working from home changes how we live, with people demanding more and better living space in locations less well connected to urban centres.
  • If the patterns in how we shop which have emerged during the pandemic persist and drive an even more dramatic consolidation of physical retail.
  • What a further structural shift by consumers towards online spending could mean for future demand for logistics space.
  • Whether a slower recovery for the hospitality sector changes how we socialise. Could a long period of disruption drive a permanent trend away from some leisure activities?
  • Will hotel demand return to the previous normal in both leisure and business markets?

Future of Property Webinar

Property economists Andrew Burrell, Matthew Pointon and Hansen Lu discuss the future of UK and US housing markets in a post-COVID world. Click here to watch.

The Future of Property