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UK Markets

UK Markets.

This service is designed for people working in the treasuries of banks, corporates and financial institutions, particularly those who invest and/or borrow in sterling money market instruments and bonds.

Most of the documents available in this stream are drawn from the UK Economics Service, but concentrating on those likely to be of interest to Treasury departments and leaving out those which are not. Clients subscribing to our UK Markets Service should expect to receive, on average, 3-5 e-mailed documents a week.

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Publications include:

UK Markets Analyst

A regular economic “reality check” on UK asset markets, including bonds, equities and property.

This bridges the gap between macro-economics and financial market analysis. every quarter, or when market conditions warrant.

UK Economics Weekly

Aims to give the reader a snapshot view of both the current situation and the week ahead. It includes previews and forecasts of forthcoming events and data releases.

UK Economics Update

Short and timely commentaries on economic or market issues and events.

UK Economics Chart Book

Aims to give a monthly snapshot view of the economy in chart form.

UK Markets Chart Book

Analyses developments in UK financial markets, including gilts, money markets, equities and the exchange rate, and puts them in an economic and historical context. Produced monthly.

UK Rapid Response

Instant analysis of data or events. Sent within 5-15 mins of the release of the data.

UK Data Response

Short notes, usually sent out about an hour after important data releases.

MPC Watch

Gives a view on the forthcoming rate setting meeting of the central bank.


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