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UK Commercial Property

UK Commercial Property.

This service is relevant to all those dealing in the UK commercial property market – from financiers and developers to brokers and major corporate occupiers.

Current clients include quoted property companies, UK and overseas lenders, multi-asset institutional investors and property data providers. Clients subscribing to our UK Commercial Property Service should expect to receive, on average, 1-2 e-mailed documents a week.

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Publications include:

UK Commercial Property Update

Short and timely commentaries on news or events in the commercial property market, such as relevant Government consultations, the Budget, and major pieces of property research.

UK Commercial Property Monthly

A concise monthly round-up of the relevant economic developments and property market intelligence, as well as picking out the most notable information from the IPD and CBRE monthly property market indices and the Property Data transactions data.

UK Markets Analyst

A regular economic “reality check” on UK asset markets, including bonds, equities and property. This bridges the gap between macro-economics and financial market analysis. every quarter, or when market conditions warrant.

UK Commercial Property Analyst

Analyses the economic drivers of commercial property performance, and contains detailed five-year forecasts for all of the key regional sub-sectors of the property market. It looks at the flow of money into property, property’s comparative investment performance, and the outlook for the regional occupier markets. It is produced quarterly.

UK Commercial Property Focus

Occasional “think pieces” on themes of current interest.

UK Commercial Property Data Response

Short notes, usually sent out about an hour after important data releases.


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