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UK Cities & Regions

UK Cities & Regions.

This service is geared towards businesses, across all sectors of the economy, that are affected by differences in regional and city performance or that are making strategic investment decisions, and also towards policy makers who are interested in what they need to do to improve outcomes.

Clients subscribing to our UK Cities & Regions Service should expect to receive, on average, 2 e-mailed documents a week.

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Publications include:

UK Cities & Regions Chart Book

Produced mid-month, a round-up of the regular data that have been released over the past month and what the key messages are. Includes one page of charts and commentary for each nation or region.

UK Cities & Regions Focus

Occasional “think pieces” on themes or issues affecting the regions, such as Scottish Independence, spending on infrastructure, or the impact of regulation of financial services on London.

UK Cities & Regions Update

Short 1 or 2 page responses to recent news including policy developments, and patterns of growth in different sectors such as the motor industry.

UK Cities & Regions Data Response

Short notes, usually sent out about an hour after important regional data releases.

UK Cities & Regions Outlook

Pulling everything together, detailed forecasts for all nations and regions, produced twice a year and covering GDP, output and employment.


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