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Capital Daily

Capital Daily.

This service is aimed particularly at market participants, including trading desks, fund managers, asset allocators and treasurers.

Capital Daily is e-mailed late in the afternoon of the UK business day and includes a preview of data and events in the next 24 hours. It therefore serves as an early “morning meeting note” for clients in Europe, Asia and the UK, and is available even sooner to clients in North America during their business day.

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Publications include:

Capital Daily

Capital Daily contains our latest global economic and market analysis.

Our other publications discuss major issues and events in greater depth, but Capital Daily meets the additional demand for more frequent commentary on day-to-day economic and market developments, as well as providing a snapshot of the big picture. It covers the US, UK, Europe and the key economies of Asia, including China and Japan, as well as hot topics in global financial markets.

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