Our Approach

We help companies, trade associations, industry groups, government departments and agencies, and communications advisors with their strategic research, business planning and public affairs challenges.

Covering all industry sectors and geographies, the experienced economic consultancy team at Capital Economics are proficient in:

  • Econometrics
  • Modelling
  • Scenario planning
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Statistical analysis
  • Surveys, interviews and focus groups
  • Writing powerful and persuasive reports

We apply intelligent thinking and robust methodologies to provide cutting edge research that often challenges orthodox views. We assist our clients with:

  • Economic value studies –helping clients demonstrate the wider socio-economic importance of their organization to enhance reputation and gain greater influence
  • ‘What if’ scenario analysis – prepare for future uncertainties reducing risks to your business
  • Policy simulation and evaluation – detailed analysis of potential policy changes to help influence decisions affecting your sector
  • Investment appraisal– sound cost/benefit assessments improving capital project selection
  • Tax, regulation and policy impact assessments – sound cost/benefit assessments making it easier to adapt to changes
  • Price optimisation – combining economics and market research to improve profitability
  • Think pieces – insightful research on many topics providing the tools to stimulate interest and discussion with customers, employees, suppliers, regulators and journalists
  • Market assessment – enter new markets with confidence based on thorough analysis
  • Business planning – we translate what may seem like abstract economic data into meaningful assumptions so our clients can make better strategic business decisions based on intelligent insight

If your organization is looking to wield greater influence or be better strategically prepared for the future why not request an exploratory consultation.

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