Research Assistant (Singapore) * Application Closed * - Capital Economics

* Application Closed *

The role mostly involves data retrieval and analysis and the construction of charts and tables. Once proficiency in these skills has been demonstrated, there will be a chance to play a junior role in the production of research. An aptitude and interest in economics, current affairs and financial markets is essential. Successful candidates will have good attention to detail and the ability to work well under pressure.

Research Assistants will have the opportunity to cover a variety of geographies and markets, and are more than welcome to attend the internal training that forms part of our Graduate Training Scheme (GTS). While there is no guarantee that Research Assistants will be offered a permanent position with Capital Economics, those who enjoy a successful time with us will be assured of an interview if they apply for the GTS. In the past, a number of Research Assistants have returned to the company as permanent employees.

A previous incumbent is Sheana Yue, who would be happy to answer any queries. Please feel free to send her an email on

Salary: $41,400 per annum
Fixed-term contract: May 2021 to May 2022


Send your CV and a covering letter via your placement officer or by email to