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UK Consumer

This services takes macroeconomic drivers and considers their impact on the UK retail sector and consumer base, providing detailed analysis of short and medium-term trends, along with five-year forecasts across key sector indicators.

The subscription to this service includes 2-3 emailed publications a week, access to our online research archive and our economists, and the opportunity to attend our conferences, forums and webinars.

  • Receive timely insight into the latest market developments.
  • Explore potential growth opportunities.
  • Benefit from our authoritative research by proven experts.

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Publications include:

  • UK Consumer Data Response

    Short notes, usually sent out about an hour after important data releases.
  • UK Consumer Update

    Short and timely commentaries on economic or market issues and events.
  • UK Consumer Chart Book

    Gives a round-up of the latest news on the sector and how this fits in with our analysis of the forces acting upon consumer spending.
  • UK Economics Chart Book

    Aims to give a monthly snapshot view of the economy in chart form.
  • UK Consumer Focus

    Occasional “think pieces” on themes of current interest.
  • UK Consumer Outlook

    A quarterly document which examines the forces acting on consumer finances and consumer spending, and how likely economic developments will affect the various categories of spending.

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