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China Economics

This service benefits from the expertise of economists based in both Singapore and London who speak and read Chinese, allowing us to respond rapidly to developments whenever they occur. In addition to the usual suite of analytical publications, the service includes our proprietary China Activity Proxy.

The subscription to this service includes around 3-4 emailed publications a week, access to our online research archive and our economists, and the opportunity to attend our conferences, forums and webinars.

  • Insights from a proven team of China experts based in Singapore and London.
  • Access to proprietary indicators that reveal what is really happening in China.
  • Rapid responses to events and non-consensus, big-picture analysis.

凯投宏观(Capital Economics)是全球领先的独立经济研究公司。我们团队拥有超过60位资深经济学专家,分别在伦敦、纽约、多伦多、悉尼和新加坡设有分公司,提供一流的宏观经济、金融市场分析,走势预测和咨询。自1999年创建起,我们以独到的见解和分析在业界享有盛名,建立了一个杰出多元的客户群体。我们的大部分客户来自金融行业,其中不乏全球投资银行巨头,资产管理机构和众多中小型专业机构。同时,越来越多来自更广泛行业的企业客户,发达和新型经济体的政府和中央银行也与我们建立了合作关系。

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Publications include:

  • China Rapid Response

    Instant analysis of data or events. Sent within 5-15 mins of the release of the data.
  • China Data Response

    Short notes on important data releases.
  • China Economics Update

    Short and timely commentaries on economic or market issues and events.
  • China Economics Weekly

    Provides the reader with a snapshot view of both the current situation and the week ahead.
  • China Activity Monitor

    Monthly assessment of key trends in China’s real economy.
  • China Chart Book

    Provides a monthly snapshot view of the economy in chart form.
  • China Economics Focus

    Occasional “think pieces” on themes of current interest.
  • China Economic Outlook

    This quarterly publication brings together our key views and forecasts for China’s economy and its financial markets.

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