Welcome to the new Capital Economics website

We’ve updated our website to provide an even better Capital Economics experience, with easier login options, quicker access to more relevant content through better search and navigation and new ways to go beyond your subscription with economist-curated content.

Here are just some of the improvements you can expect:

An easier research experience
  • A personalised home page with improved navigation makes it even easier to access your subscription;
  • A special section dedicated to time-sensitive research means you’ll be ready to respond more rapidly to breaking news;
  • Easier access to report summaries to find the content you need, when you need it.
A more immersive research experience
  • Discover research from across our services that you may be interested in;
  • Economist-curated research sections let you explore our research highlights;
  • Interactive charts provide a more in-depth research experience.
Frequently Asked Questions

Where are my saved reports?
Saved reports can be found on the top right user menu by clicking on your name.

I have some feedback. How can I provide it?
We welcome your feedback. Please contact us at support@capitaleconomics.com.

How do I see what I have access to?
You can find the content available within your subscription at any time by clicking on the menu icon at the start of the navigation bar which reveals a drop-down option called “My Subscription”.