Japan Economics

Japan Data Response
29 January, 2015

Retail Sales (Dec.)

The drop in retail sales in December mostly reflects weaker gas prices and consumer spending likely accelerated last quarter. However, the outlook for private consumption remains mixed....

UK Economics

UK Data Response
17 January, 2014

Retail Sales (Dec.)

With December’s hefty monthly growth in retail sales, the consumer recovery seems to be at full steam. That said, the official data is at odds with other evidence and suggests that the retail sector provided only a modest boost to GDP growth in Q4....

Canada Economics

Canada Data Response
21 February, 2012

Retail Sales (Dec.)

December’s 0.2% m/m decline in retail sales, which was largely due to weaker auto-related sales, follows several months of strong sales. This decline might be the first sign that this recent strength won’t be sustained for much longer with employment stagnant and consumer confidence waning. ...

UK Consumer

UK Consumer Data Response
20 January, 2012

Retail Sales (Dec.)

Although December’s official retail sales figures confirmed that consumers flocked to the high street in the run-up to Christmas, we still think that consumers will find it hard to keep increasing their spending at this rate in the months ahead....

US Economics

US Data Response
14 January, 2010

Retail Sales (Dec.)


US Economics

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