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Global Economics

Global Economics

This service is aimed particularly at multinational corporations, fund managers, asset allocators and financial companies as well as any other businesses and organisations with global interests.

Clients subscribing to our Global Service should expect to receive, on average, 10-15 e-mailed documents per calendar month.


Global Economic Outlook Sets out our near-term and strategic view of the world’s major economies as well as our key forecasts for each country. It is produced quarterly. Sample - Getting back to normal
Global Inflation Watch Offers a unique global approach to the analysis of current and future influences on inflation, and includes an examination of the relative inflation prospects of the world’s major economies. It is published quarterly. Sample - Euro-zone and Japan yet to escape from deflation threat
Global Economics Focus Periodic “think pieces” which highlight interesting and important issues in the world economy and their implications. Typically two per quarter. Sample - How does “Draghi-nomics” compare to Abenomics?
Global Economics Chart Book A monthly snapshot of the global economy in chart form. Sample - Could Q3 be as good as it gets?
Global Economics Update Short and timely commentaries on global economic issues and events. Typically one or two per week. Sample - How big is the economic threat from Ebola?
Global Monetary Indicators Monitor A monthly snapshot of trends in money and credit aggregates in the major advanced economies. Sample - Monetary conditions set to remain loose
Global Policy Watch Regular analysis of global policy issues with a calendar of upcoming global events. Topics that might be covered include financial regulation, G20 initiatives, protectionism and "currency wars". Published roughly twice a quarter. Sample - Is there a case for another Plaza Accord?
Global Central Bank Watch Monthly analysis of monetary policy in the largest advanced economies, and a selection of emerging economies. The focus is on themes and policy conditions at the aggregate level rather than detailed analysis for individual countries. Sample - Recent market turmoil to have mixed impact on monetary policy
Global Fiscal Watch Quarterly overview of the fiscal position and key fiscal policy developments in the major advanced economies, emerging economies and the world as a whole. Sample - Calls for looser fiscal policy likely to go unheeded
Global Trade Monitor Monthly snapshot of world and regional trade flows and important developments in world trade. Sample - Broad-based malaise in world trade continues

* Subscriptions are for a multi-user licence per team / department in a single location.

* Discounts are available for multi-service subscriptions.

* Subscriptions exclude local and national taxes which may be applicable.

Global Economics
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