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Emerging Asia Economics Weekly

Aims to give the reader a snapshot view of both the current situation and the week ahead. It includes previews and forecasts of forthcoming events and data releases.

Sample - How much slack is left in the NIEs?

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Deflation of Thailand’s credit bubble has further to runTaiwan is unlikely to join Asia's rate-cutting cycleRupiah weakness is unlikely to revive Indonesia’s economyWhat would a property price collapse mean for Taiwan?Where next for Indonesia’s current account?No sign of improvement in Asian growthKorea’s housing market recovery to continueWill more of Asia's central banks join the loosening cycle?Reasons to be optimistic about Korea’s economy in 2015Does Singapore’s currency regime still suit its needs?
Will falling oil prices push Emerging Asia into deflation?What would a Grexit mean for Asia?What to expect in Asia in 2015How did our 2014 forecasts stack up?How much will Asia benefit from falling oil prices?Where could we see an upside surprise next year?How big a threat is deflation?China-Korea free trade deal is not a game changerHow big a threat is the weak yen to Korea?How much slack is left in the NIEs?
Falling commodity prices to keep Asian inflation lowIndonesia’s new president has his work cut outHow our forecasts differ from consensus and the IMFWhat next for monetary policy in Singapore?Which countries stand to gain most from lower oil prices?Credit growth in Emerging Asia still unsustainableStrong jobs figure does not alter the picture for AustraliaProperty price bubbles a key riskAsian growth could finally be set for a pick-upMr Modi’s "first 100 days" prove underwhelming
Asian inflation likely to stay subduedDoes Korea need lower interest rates?Consumer spending in Emerging Asia set for recoveryFuel subsidy reform an early test for Indonesia’s JokowiHow much do commodities matter to Malaysia?Singapore manufacturing will continue to struggleWhat to expect from Indonesia’s election?Korea will struggle to overcome its demographic dragDiesel price deregulation an early test for Modi in IndiaHow will Emerging Asia fare over the next decade?
Can manufacturing revive growth in India and Indonesia?South East Asia losing its shineIs Emerging Asia missing out on the global recovery?Is a credit bubble building in the Philippines?Are expectations too high for Modi’s India?Rate hikes coming soon in the Philippines and MalaysiaSlower growth in China won’t derail Asia’s export recoveryWhat to expect from Asia’s Q1 GDP dataFour risks to watch out for in Emerging AsiaIs Jokowi the man to get Indonesia back on track?
Export outperformance won't reignite Vietnam's economyIs Emerging Asia about to run into structural constraints?Inflation in Emerging Asia to remain subduedRate hikes coming in New ZealandExport recovery to support growth in AsiaIndia and Indonesia – not so fragile?Prolonged political crisis holding back growth in ThailandInflation to fall in Indonesia despite currency weaknessFive reasons to be positive about the PhilippinesIndian inflation subsides as RBI considers policy reform
Is Singapore really the next Iceland?Asia’s export recovery to gain momentumElections in 2014 – what they mean for AsiaWhat to expect from Asia in 2014Our key calls for 2013: how did they stack up?Inflation rising, but scope for policy to remain looseGrowth in Asia has picked up, but risks lie aheadChina's Third Plenum reforms - what they mean for AsiaMalaysia set to maintain faster growth rateWhen India sneezes...
Australia rate cuts risk re-inflating housing marketWeak domestic demand to hold back growth in KoreaSouth East Asia's struggles set to continue next yearAsian export prospects looking upCan Asia develop through services alone?Time to worry about property price bubbles in Asia?India’s Reserve Bank changes tackFive years after Lehmans: how has Asia changed?Falling current account surpluses are not to be fearedIs India’s economy heading the way of its currency?
It’s not all doom and gloom for AsiaAsia’s industrial outperformance to continueIndia’s new central bank governor to keep a tight reinAsia’s consumers seeing mixed fortunesInfrastructure projects key for Thailand’s prospectsAsia’s export weakness to continueSingapore’s strong Q2 is not the start of a robust recoveryIMF deal no solution to Pakistan's woesWould a US manufacturing recovery be a threat to Asia?What does Abenomics mean for the rest of Asia?
Should Asia be worried by recent currency weakness?Asian currencies take a tumbleInflation to remain low in Emerging AsiaNIEs underperformance set to continueInvestment unlikely to spur Asian economic resurgenceWhere next for interest rates in Vietnam and Sri Lanka?Major challenges await Pakistan after electionsIs a credit bubble forming in Indonesia?Lower commodity prices to help most Asian economiesSingapore to keep monetary policy tight
Malaysia's election - what it means for the economyPhilippines - no longer the "sick man of Asia"Will Asia’s export recovery last?Inflation outlook remains benignWorries mount in IndonesiaASEAN to slow, but it will remain a bright spotIndia's budget: A test of policy credibilityWhat lies ahead for Asia’s sovereign-bond yields?Property prices in Emerging Asia - an updateIs yen weakness a threat to emerging Asia?
Peso strength and rupiah weakness to continueVietnam’s exports bucking the regional trendWhat to expect of Asia's exports this yearElections in 2013 – what they mean for AsiaWhat to expect from Asia in 2013What will Korea's election mean for its economy?Has Vietnam's monetary loosening cycle come to an end?Asian currencies undervalued, but still set to weakenASEAN to outperform over the next decadeLow unemployment no support to domestic demand
What should we make of Korea’s strengthening currency?Consensus too hawkish on Asia’s policy rate outlookShould we worry about Asia's current account trends?Have Asia’s exports turned a corner?Singapore to loosen monetary policy next yearPakistan’s central bank aiming to rekindle investmentProperty prices in Asia - an updateAsian equities to continue to underperformThree scenarios for Vietnam's crisis-hit economyAsia’s policymakers ready to act again
Asia's consumers far from immune to global problemsWhat would QE3 mean for Asia?Asia’s exports make a poor start to Q3Singapore’s push for more babiesNo quick fix to India and Pakistan’s power problemsNo need to worry over spike in agricultural pricesPolitical tensions on the rise in ThailandHow is China’s slowdown affecting emerging Asia?The Philippines – on course for investment grade statusAsian Financial Crisis – 15 years on
What do falling commodity prices mean for Australia?Bank of Korea likely to change policy stance soonAsia’s manufacturers struggling amid global slowdownHow much scope does Asia have to cut interest rates?Better placed than most to weather Greece exit stormDoes the Chiang Mai bailout fund matter?Is expropriation a risk in Asia?Chinese tourism bonanza for AsiaIndia trade boost for Pakistan?Challenges for South Korea