Valuations and long-term equity performance

The high valuation of the US stock market is a strong reason to think that returns from it over the next decade will be substantially lower than they have been over the last one. But focusing on the valuation of the entire market does not tell the whole story. Within the market, the gap between the price/earnings (P/E) ratios of the highest- and lowest-valued firms has also become exceptionally wide.
Oliver Jones Senior Markets Economist
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Long Run Returns Monitor

Long Run Returns Monitor (Nov.)

Our monthly Long Run Returns Monitor provides our updated long-term projected returns for major asset classes, as well as a summary of the macroeconomic forecasts which underpin them. All projections in this publication are as of 23rd November 2021. A more detailed explanation of our views can be found in our annual Long Run Economic Outlook and Long Run Asset Allocation Outlook.

25 November 2021

Long Run Update

COP26 a small step forward but much left to do

COP26 has progressed efforts to fight climate change, but there is still a significant gap between pledges and actual policies. Unless action ramps up this decade, countries may face a choice between accepting the costs of greater global warming or a rapid, and potentially disorderly, transition to a greener economy.

16 November 2021

Long Run Update

COP26 unlikely to alter economic outlook

The UN’s annual climate change conference, COP26, has the potential to be an important milestone but it is just one step along the path required to limit global warming. Accordingly, it will not on its own stop climate change from clouding the long-run economic outlook for many emerging markets in particular.

2 November 2021

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Capital Daily

Relief for China’s equities, but the backdrop still looks gloomy

The past week has brought some relief to China’s equities after several months of painful underperformance, but we would not interpret that as a sign that the tide is turning on a sustained basis. If anything, the latest developments on both the economic and policy fronts have reinforced our pessimism about the relative prospects for the country’s stock markets.

1 September 2021

Capital Daily

Treasuries rally on Powell’s speech, but we don’t expect it to last

Treasury yields fell slightly on Fed Chair Powell’s widely anticipated virtual Jackson Hole speech today, but we are still sticking to our forecast that they will rise over the next couple of years.

27 August 2021

Asset Allocation Update

Equity valuations: the US versus the rest

The valuation of US equities has long been higher than that of their counterparts in the rest of the world, but the gap is much larger than usual at the moment. This is one of a few reasons why we think that the US market will underperform over the next few years, in contrast to the past decade.

27 August 2021
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