FX Markets

FX Markets Focus

FX Markets Focus

Our approach to currency valuation

This Focus provides an overview of the concepts and models underpinning our new FX Markets Valuations Monitor. It is split into three sections. The first explains our framework for thinking about currency valuations. The second provides details on the key concepts and models we use to estimate “equilibrium” exchange rates. The third describes how we apply these tools in our analysis of currencies, and how best to interpret the outputs from our suite of models.

20 August 2021

FX Markets Focus

Why we expect the US dollar to reverse course

Having fallen back to near its post-pandemic lows, we don’t think that the decline in the US dollar will continue. In this Focus, we explain why instead we expect the dollar to strengthen against most currencies over the next 12-18 months.

11 June 2021

FX Markets Focus

A primer on our new FX Markets service

The purpose of this Focus is to introduce our new FX Markets service, which we launched in May 2021. It is split into three sections. The first provides an overview of the new service. The second explains our approach to forecasting currencies. The third goes through some of the key tools that we use to monitor currency markets and inform our forecasts.

27 May 2021