Rising inflation and the risk to equities

Equity markets have taken signs that inflation is on the rise around the world in their stride recently, and we suspect that they will continue to do so for some time yet.
Oliver Jones Senior Markets Economist
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We expect China’s bond market to diverge from those elsewhere

We think China’s long-term government bond yields will continue to fall as the country’s economy slows further, even if yields rebound elsewhere.

2 August 2021

Capital Daily

We expect stock market gains to underwhelm from here

Although we don’t think the latest ructions in stock markets suggest a more significant rout is on the way, we suspect that stocks’ recovery from their pandemic-era lows has largely run its course, and doubt they will rally sharply from here.

30 July 2021

Capital Daily

Bond market pessimism looks overdone

The US yield curve continues to send a gloomy message, which we think is hard to square with the economic outlook.

29 July 2021

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Prospects for risky assets may not be so bright in H2

A rapid recovery in the global economy this year increasingly appears to be discounted in financial markets, and appetite for risk is clearly very strong. That is a key reason why we think that the second half of 2021 will be tougher than the first for most risky assets. At the same time, though, we sceptical of suggestions that we are currently in the late stages of a systemic bubble, of the kind which is bound to collapse under its own weight regardless of the macroeconomic environment.

5 July 2021

Asset Allocation Update

Antitrust and the relative performance of big tech

US antitrust policy seems increasingly likely to become less friendly towards the very largest firms, especially the tech giants, before long. That possibility is one of a few reasons why we are not anticipating a repeat of the 2010s-style relentless outperformance of big tech in general over the next few years.

2 July 2021

Asset Allocation Update

Why we doubt the equity rotation is over

We still expect the sector and factor rotation in the US stock market – which has faltered recently including since last week’s FOMC meeting – to get going again, albeit in a slightly altered form.

24 June 2021
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