How Evergrande fits into our asset allocation outlook

You don’t have to believe that Evergrande’s troubles are the start of a financial crisis in China to think that the risky assets most sensitive to developments there will struggle in the next few years. Even an orderly restructuring of the developer, plus policymakers quickly doing enough to limit distress across the financial system – still the most likely outcome in our view – would probably not prevent much more weakness in construction activity. And in the meantime, other, unrelated, headwinds seem to be building.
Oliver Jones Senior Markets Economist
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Omicron uncertainty provides a sense of déjà vu

News of the spread of the Omicron variant has put COVID-19 back at the top of many investors’ list of concerns. While on a far smaller scale, the impact on markets so far has been qualitatively similar to that during the first COVID-19 meltdown between mid-February and late March of 2020. US Treasury yields have fallen, stock markets have stumbled – with US equities holding up better than those elsewhere – and energy commodities have seen big losses.

30 November 2021

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The case for US banks’ equities to outperform

We forecast that banks’ equities will outperform the rest of the US stock market over the next couple of years, for three main reasons.

24 November 2021

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Taking stock of potential corporate tax reforms

This Update answers several questions on the Biden administration’s latest proposals for US corporate taxes as well as the global tax deal recently agreed among the world’s major economies. The proposed changes are probably, at the margin, a reason to think that US equities will underperform. Within the US market, we suspect the earnings of technology and pharmaceuticals companies would see the largest hit.

19 November 2021

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Does the market-implied path of US inflation make sense?

Although the US CPI data published today showed core inflation dropping back by a little more than widely anticipated in August, we still think that investors are underestimating the likely strength of price pressures there further down the line.

14 September 2021

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Three key points about China & asset allocation

China’s economy has lost momentum recently, and we expect it to more or less tread water over the remainder of this year, even as other major economies continue to recover. Meanwhile, the government’s regulatory crackdown on parts of the private sector seems to be broadening in scope and increasing in severity. We think that these developments have three main implications for asset allocation.

7 September 2021

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Relief for China’s equities, but the backdrop still looks gloomy

The past week has brought some relief to China’s equities after several months of painful underperformance, but we would not interpret that as a sign that the tide is turning on a sustained basis. If anything, the latest developments on both the economic and policy fronts have reinforced our pessimism about the relative prospects for the country’s stock markets.

1 September 2021
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