Michael Pearce – Graduate Recruitment | Capital Economics

Senior US Economist

  • BSc Economics, UCL
  • MSc Economic History, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)
  • Capital Economics Graduate Scheme (2012-2015)

What experience did you have before you joined Capital Economics?

Between my second and third years at university, I undertook a 12-month placement in HM Treasury. This helped me to decide to pursue a career in macroeconomics and forced me to think about economic issues in a practical rather than an academic setting. While working for a company like Capital Economics is very different to the Treasury, my experience of office life and practical economics made the transition smooth.

What’s an average day like?

My day typically begins by reading the news to ensure I’m on top of the latest financial and economic developments. If some new figures have been released, I may then write a one page note explaining to our clients the implications for the economic outlook. I spend the rest of my time writing and contributing to our longer pieces of economic analysis. The advantage of working for a small company is that you can make a big impact from day one. For example, my first piece of analysis was published and sent to clients in just my second week.

What opportunities are available to graduates at Capital Economics?

Before joining, I was worried that working for a relatively small company would limit my career options, but if anything the opposite has been true. As a graduate at Capital Economics, you get the chance to explore different areas of economics and gain exposure to various parts of the business early on in your career. The option to study a master’s degree alongside work was also a big draw, and I had the freedom to pick a course I was interested in studying. Finally, I seized on the opportunity to move to one of our overseas offices. I never imagined that just four years into my career I would be moving to New York and experiencing life in a new city on a different continent.