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Bank of Canada Watch

Gives a view on the forthcoming rate setting meeting of the central bank.

Sample - Bank sitting on the fence

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Bank unlikely to cut rates next weekGet ready for interest rate cut(s)January interest rate cut likely not enoughOil price slump unlikely changes neutral rate outlookHigher core inflation doesn't change rate outlookBank sitting on the fenceExport rebound won't prompt a shift in neutral stanceBank unlikely to be panicked by higher inflation readingsHigher inflation won’t prompt a shift in neutral stanceBank to remain on the sidelines for time being
Bank to maintain neutral stanceBank likely to stick with neutral policy stanceBank likely to pause before signalling policy easingEconomic growth outlook likely to be downgradedBank still pinning hopes on an unlikely export-led recoveryNew Governor may take bold step forwardTightening bias will soon become unnecessaryBank edging closer to neutralDon't rule out future interest rate cutsTightening bias will be dropped before year end
Next move in rates more likely to be down than upHawkish bias likely to be scratched early next yearBank of Canada close to dropping hawkish biasInterest rates likely to remain low for yearsThe long pause in policy interest rate just getting startedBank of Canada unlikely to raise rates anytime soonMore policy stimulus expected in the second half of this yearMore policy stimulus likely before second half of this yearMore policy stimulus likely before second half of this yearBank of Canada's next move will be to cut policy rate
Policy outlook depends more on external eventsBank's downside risks are being realisedRising financial risks give further reason for pauseBank of Canada in no hurry to raise ratesDifficult decisions lie ahead for the Bank of CanadaNo interest rate hikes this yearRising financial risks spell troubleBank may regret rate increases